Tuesday, May 20, 2014

OK, it was a big wave

My bad!
In an earlier post [1] not too long ago, I had postulated that election results will show that Modi is like light, showing signs of particle behavior and also that of a wave, but to explain all phenomenon it is better to think of him as a particle. This accorded well with how Richard Feynman characterized light.
But all phenomena of light can be explained treating light as a particle. Yet, Modi’s success is not amenable to such easy universal explanation. Though I am wrong and admit to having been wrong in my earlier attempt, I will venture to explain again.
Modi appears to be like a wave in that he is the overarching wave that consists of a multitude of wavelets! This brings Modi back into the wave-particle duality mode. He is not a singularity anymore as I asserted in my earlier post. In this election he was more like a wave comprising many waves, the wavelets.
And, unfortunately for him some of the wavelets either did not mobilize and organize themselves properly or they simply leaked out from under Modi. I invoke Christopher Huygen’s concept of wavelets. Look at Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal. These wavelets spread away from the wave quite nonchalantly, it appears.
But then, to be a wave-particle duality, Modi has to show that he has a particle side too. Where is that coming from?
You forget that he is not quite authoritarian, perhaps, but definitely authoritative. His Council of Ministers will at best offer counsel, but the ministering part will be under the thumb of the man himself, from what we understand about how hands-on he is. This is his particle side.
Till next time, when Modi sheds either of his persona – more likely the wave part – I sign off saying Modi was a wave in the elections and will be a particle as the PM. Good luck to him and us, too.
Raghuram Ekambaram
1.            http://nonexpert.blogspot.in/2014/05/wave-particle-duality-modi-wave.html


Indian Satire said...

It is 281 listening to 1

mandakolathur said...

So, it is one particle and 281 wavelets, you say Balu?