Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Attraction of a rape scene

This is a speculative post, deliberate but unnecessary speculation.
I refer to the current serialization of Mahabharat on Star TV. The near-rape scene has been going on for two weeks under the guise of repeated Q&As between the various parties much to the discomfiture of the impatient antagonist-in-chief Duryodhana. This plot development in drips and dribbles has actually slowed down the generally fast-paced narrative serial, which I felt was its USP. I am disturbed and that is one of the reasons for this post. 
Now, I want to know what the TRP ratings are for this serial. I am not interested in the absolute numbers or their truth but what they show in relative terms, day to day. I had warned you that this is a speculative post and now I will stand by that.
I want to know whether over the past one week there has been a spike in the viewership of this serial. I suspect there should be.
This is the hint given in the title – the attractiveness of a rape scene. The fact that we are sure there will be a rape scene, to be precise a near-rape scene, is enough to glue us to the screen. In no Hindi, Tamil or Telugu movies (and perhaps movies in other Indian languages too) of certain vintage we were as sure of a rape scene as in this serial and that compensates for the “near-rape” aspect of the episode from the epic.
In all probability, the near-rape will be shown this evening (this is not a plug for the serial, I hasten to add) and hence the urgency to post my speculation prior to the airing.
If ever I come to know the relative TRPs I will revisit this post in a sequel. A serial deserves a serialized post!

Raghuram Ekambaram 

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