Thursday, May 22, 2014

Questions on Hindu Science

Assume there is something called Hindu Science (after all we have asserted there is something called Vedic Mathematics!). Equally importantly, we have also tagged many scientific streams of thought as western and therefore it is logical to assume that there indeed was/is a Hindu stream of scientific thought.
How did this special kind of science develop, within the Hindu philosophical mold, which in itself is not unitary? Within the Hindu religious mold? Within the Hindu ritual mold? What religious thoughts energized the Hindu Scientific temper? What explanation does Hindu science offer for the idol of Lord Ganesha drinking milk? If no explanation can indeed be offered, will you agree that Hindu Science is as incapable and incomplete as western science is? By the way, on the latter, no western scientist will claim that his/her science is complete; more to the point, he/she will be working hard to come ever closer to the truth. Do practitioners of Hindu science venture onto such bold and risky paths?
I would like some answers from anyone.

Raghuram Ekambaram

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