Monday, June 06, 2016

Donald Trump is lucky to have been born an American!

But Americans are not lucky!
You have heard all the slurs/taunts Donald Trump has thrown at the federal judge who has had the gumption to throw open all the thus-far confidential documents relating to the class action suit against Trump University, which Trump conceived as his money spinning education baby. It does not matter the baby is a still-born and has no credit to its account.
The judge is smart, in any case smarter than Trump. His justification for opening up Trump’s boxes of Pandora is that by being the nominee of the Republican Party for the high post of President of the US, he cannot hide behind mere formalities of protection of privacy of an ordinary citizen. He has to be an open book, at least those books not covering his tax returns.
Just imagine what would have happened in India. Trump would have been slapped by the judge and all his cousins, and brought serious charges of libel and possibly, taken to the extreme, even of sedition.
Oh, Trump just went on and on because he knew that the freedom of speech in the US is nearly inviolate. No such protection in India. The putative charges against Trump in India – brought down the dignity of the judiciary, not to mention contempt of court. Ouch, that must hurt all those high and mighty justices.
Trump went down on his knees to thank his Lord for not making him an Indian (not injun), as in India, the Lords (both the mythical and on the bench) are unforgiving.

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