Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks to Delhi PWD and/or Delhi Traffic Police

No, I am not in a generous mood.
But this morning when I got to the place from where I board the company bus, I was pleasantly surprised to see a traffic signal to aid pedestrians crossing one of the arteries of Delhi, the Ring Road. The location – in West Delhi, bang where Punjabi Bagh Club Road meets the Ring Road.
To give you some background, as I had written in a blog post “How many zebra crossings did you drive/ride over today?” [1], a little more than three months ago, the location needed some kind of traffic control to help students negotiate the traffic and reach their school bus pick-up points, which, of course, conveniently coincided with my boarding point.
I am not going to take credit for the facility being put up at this point. But this incremental safety feature did give me a certain amount of satisfaction that I, perhaps driven by survival instincts but with a modicum of concern for school children and other pedestrians, had posted on this topic. What really would have happened is some school or the other, or perhaps a few who use this point as school bus pick-up/drop-off point, driven by concerns expressed by the parents in PTA meetings and elsewhere, took the matter up with the authorities. The authorities responded, it is there for all to see.
This merits a thanks from me. Unfortunately I have no clue whether it was the Public Works Department or the police that would have been behind this action. Hence, my thanks to both of them.
A big thank you, Delhi Traffic Police and Public Works Department!
Raghuram Ekambaram


Amrit Yegnanarayan said...

Compare this with Bengaluru, where people have resorted to taking an autorikshaw to cross the road!

mandakolathur said...

I understand what you mean Amrit, but I would not be surprised if it were truly so!

This is the second instance where something I had lamented on in my posts got expressed somehow (by others)and people, dare I say Aam Aadmi, have benefitted.